Think Your Puppy Is Being a Dick? You’re Not Alone!

Think Your Puppy Is Being a Dick? You’re Not Alone!

My dog, Kimber, was a bit of a dick from a very young age. I had two choices, consult a dog trainer or become a dog trainer. I chose the latter. Not everyone can, or should, pick this option. But every puppy owner will think that their dog is being a bit of a dick at times.

Why is my dog being a dick?

When your dog ‘acts out’, it means is that he has a mind of his own and feels free to express it. (Loudly, at times) Your job is to work out what’s going on in his furry little head and figure out the cause of the issue.

What Kimber has done this week:

  • Stolen one of my partner’s socks
  • Barked at someone walking past the flat
  • Growled when a strange dog approached him
Yorkshire Terrier puppy chewing a phone cable | Puppy is being a dick | For Pup's Sake

What this tells me

  • He wanted attention from my partner – stealing a sock always ends in a game of chase or tug
  • He was a bit on edge that day, so he viewed that person as a threat
  • He didn’t want this dog near him, and he politely told them so

What I need to do

  • Give him more attention and play so that he doesn’t need to seek it out
  • Give him some quiet time, and let him chill (and close the blinds)
  • Respect his decision, and be glad he asked nicely

“He has a mind of his own
and feels free to express it”

Your puppy will do many things that will annoy you. Stop. Take a moment. Try to figure out why your puppy is doing these things (hint: it’s not to piss you off intentionally).

Comment below if you need help figuring out something your pup is doing, or share any anecdotes of your dog being a bit of a dick. We’ve all been there!


Sharon Jennings

Sharon is a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer. She graduated, with distinction, from Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behaviour in 2016. Sharon lives in West London with her beagle, Kimber, who she has had since he was a puppy. He was a troublesome pup, and was the reason that Sharon decided to become a trainer.

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