Sharon Jennings, Dog Trainer, with Kimber the Beagle, Puppy Training

Sharon Jennings

Puppy Trainer

For Pup's Sake! What is this all about?

Puppies are HARD WORK (I can’t stress this enough). They drain you emotionally, mentally and physically. But, oh my gosh, they are so worth it! And you’re most likely doing fine, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

It’s entirely normal to need help with your new pup. You’ve probably googled multiple issues before ending up here (I remember looking up How to get your puppy to sleep through the night at 3am). Which means you’re likely feeling pretty overwhelmed by all the conflicting information that’s out there… My very first piece of advice to you is to ignore anything and everything by anyone who recommends techniques that intimidate, ‘dominate’ or even hurt your puppy! You will only find positive, reward-based methods on this site. You and your puppy should be having fun with all your training. Not only will that help your pup to learn, but will also enable you to bond, and have a relationship built on trust and respect.

So chin up, you’re not alone. You will get a good night’s sleep again, and until then; there’s always wine!

Advice for Puppy Owners

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Puppy Care

My Puppy and Me, man holding puppy, Dog Trainer, Puppy Training

My Puppy & Me

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Puppy Training

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Puppy Products

Sharon Jennings, Dog Trainer with Victoria Stilwell, VSA
Sharon Jennings, Puppy Trainer, with Kimber the Beagle doing Agility Training
Sharon Jennings, Dog Trainer, with client, puppy training

How I Became a Dog Trainer

I got Kimber, my beagle pup in Feb 2016. He was a problematic puppy from the start. And after an incident a couple of weeks in, resulting in a 4-night stay in doggy hospital, he became a total nightmare.

I soon started watching old episodes of Victoria Stilwell’s It’s Me or The Dog, and reading her book Train your Dog Positively. While looking for more of her wisdom to devour, I discovered that she was about to launch the Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA) for Dog Training & Behavior in the UK. I signed up almost immediately.

The Academy started in October 2016. After a tough 6-months slog, including two intensive courses learning from Victoria herself, and a heap of hands-on practical training, I graduated with Distinction to become a VSA-Certified Dog Trainer.

I ran my own business, The Office Dog, helping dogs to be office-friendly, and vice versa. For several reasons, I decided to close the company in late 2019. One of those reasons was that I had realised that my true passion was helping new puppy owners. So For Pup’s Sake! was born during the COVID crisis of 2020.

My Clients

“Great training – we really enjoyed it and Sunny has come on leaps and bounds in just a couple of days.”

“Sharon’s can-do attitude has given us the confidence boost we needed.”

“Sharon was training me more than Asta. And the notes were fun to read!”

“Sharon is a lovely friendly woman, full of excellent advice, who we could honestly share our insecurities with over our new little terror of a Parson Terrier.”

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